Random pausing and fast forwarding

Last night at a gig i had the pleasure of Djay Pro randomly pausing and fast forwarding on three separate occasions. I assumed it was an issue with the internet and spotify songs, but i just tested with songs from my itunes source and was able to recreate the issue. Has anyone else seen this issue? All my software is up to date as far as i can tell. Using a macbook pro that is less than a year old. I remember having this issue one time two years ago with the original Djay app, but it was isolated to one event and I could never recreate it.

Did you notice anything that might have caused this? Or anything else that might be helpful for reproducing?

DRM protected songs won’t be even played. The problem must be due to something else…

@Steven: Did you ever have the problem without your Vestax Spin 2 being connected?

Can you give us some information about your Macs?

I have not had the pausing problem but about two times every night I have the random fast forward issue. Does anyone know how to get rid of this problem?

It seems to be random and not tied to any track. When it happens, the music stops and I look at the screen on the mac book it looks as thought patter image is spinning very fast and it usually lasts for about 3-4 seconds. I use a Vestax Spin2 controller.

Yes I realize some songs will not play but I was not referring to that.
I have not had the problem without the Spin 2 being connected.
You use a Macbook Air that is a couple years old.

Unfortunately no. Could it be related to DRM protected songs? I noticed that with DJAY pro many songs won’t event load or be allowed to be pulled into the cue if they are DRM protected…which is a great improvement by the way. I have been using a new pioneer controller and it hasnt happended while using the controller yet.