Random reassignment of screen position after using Mac Mission Control

I’ve experienced this issue on occasion for a couple of years now, though it’s been infrequent enough that I’ve not thought to post a bug report. (For the record, I’m currently running DJPro v4.1.9 on Mac OS Monterey 12.4.)

The issue is that the placemennt of the DJPro window on my desktop sometimes randomly changes after I use my Mac’s Mission Control feature (which “gives you an overview of all your open windows, thumbnails of your full-screen applications, all arranged in a unified view.”). This is a particularly useful function when using DJPro, as I use the program for my live radio show.

Unfortunately on some occasions, when everything on the screen returns to its previous position, DJPro is the exception. Last night for instance, while on air enabled Mission Control, glanced at the app I needed, then restored the screen to find DJ was virtually impossible to find. I essentially had dead air for something like ten-fifteen seconds until I figured out that the app had restored itself to where only a tiny bit of the window was actually visible on the desktop. I had to manually drag it back into position before I could make any changes.

I realize that this could be a Mac Mission Control problem and not necessarily a DJPro problem, but in many years of using my Mac, this issue has only occurred with DJPro. It’s infrequent enough to not render the app useless (in general, I love it!) but it’s very frustrating when it happens, especially when I’m live on air.

Any guesses? Has anyone else ever reported this issue?