Randomized video output for audio-only tracks

I love being able to incorporate videos within my sets, however the video output when incorporating “standard” audio-only tracks becomes quite tiresome since it is the same every time (one visualizer style per deck). I have a large library of background video files that I would love to utilize while playing audio-only tracks. It would be fantastic if there was a way to point DJay to a video library directory and have it either sequence through or pick randomly from the contents for video output, that output being overridden when a video track is actively loaded and played through the mixing interface. The next time an audio-only track is mixed the video output would resume playing from the directory.

I like to +1 this suggestion, as switching from one visualizer to the next does get very tiresome. If we had the option to autoswitch every track or even every few minutes would be a great idea.

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I’d like to see new visualisers that are similar to the old style Windows Media Player, in as much as they are sound reactive and move / pulsate etc to the beat of the music.
If Microsoft could manage it on an old 16 bit pc in the 90s I’m sure a 64 bit apple chip should be able to do the same thing, if not better!!

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Hi @djsteve,

The idea of a playable randomized video directory is something I’m sure the rest of our team would appreciate conversing over.

I will get this suggestion over to them as soon as possible.

Thanks so much!

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I can’t even figure out how to get the video output to my OBS videos. Does anyone know how to do that?

Are you using the Mac or iPad?

I’m using a Mac. I like some of the visualizers in djay pro but I can’t figure out how to actually use (output) them.

+1 to this topic. Pointing to our own folder of “visualizers” or video folders would be amazing!

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