Rane 57 MKII compatibility

Anyone use a Rane 57 MKII with algoriddim or have access to one they could test for compatibility? I know it’s class compliant but I’ve also learned recently that not all class compliant mixers work with iOS devices, especially older ones (Denon dnx1600). I found a good deal on one and love the simple layout but don’t want to get stuck with an incompatible mixer. I have an iPad Air 4th gen (no M1 chip) in case that makes a difference. Thanks.

Hey @Themainman3 ,

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Could you confirm what iOS/iPadOS version is running on your iPad Air 4th gen? Also, what version of djay are you using?

Once you let me know the above I’ll gladly check if we can test this on our end.


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Sorry for the late response but both my iPad and djay pro app are up to date with the latest versions. If you could test for compatibility that would be great. Thanks!

i also really want to know!!!

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I got my ttm57 mk2, dvs does work in the external mode and the midi buttons also seem to work at the first look, though it is not premapped of course. i will make an update after i got the time to test it properly.

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Any update? Does it work with iOS?

Hey @Myalteredsoul ,

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To answer your question, @Themainman3 's, and @ricekopf , too, while the Rane 57SL Mk2 is not officially supported, due to its class-compliant rating, you may be able to manually map the device for use.

However, please note that, in light of the above, some features may not be available.

I encourage you to test out the configuration and if you receive a MIDI signal you are off to a good start.