Rane 70 alternative mappings

Recently acquired a rane 70 for doing vinyl sets and checking it out with djay (ipad pro) as well - default mapping works, but not everything is set up, and I’d like to remap some things.

Before I just play around, does anyone have any alternative mappings and/or at least a midi channel map of the colors of the rane pads and any alternative functions that can be remapped using shift, etc?

I have mapped my Rane one significantly to suit my playing style…
I don’t know how to share my map though if you or anyone else does…

Hey maurizio_T, this is the best place to share midi mappings: https://maps.djtechtools.com/

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How do I upload my map?
I mean where is it to share if that makes sense…

The midi mappings are located in the djay folder on your device. If you’re using iOS, open the Files App, under Locations, select On My iPad or iPhone. In there you’ll find the djay folder. Your midi mappings are in there.
If you’re using a Mac or PC try searching for the djay folder. I can’t remember the file structure on those platforms and I’m not near my computers at the moment. Hope that helps.

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Note that on Mac and iOS you can also share MIDI mappings via the share button that is shown next to the mapping name:
Share button

And it is now also possible to upload MIDI mapping files directly here in the forum by attaching them to your post. :sunglasses: