Rane 70 Atrak & Rane 12 MK1 Compatibility

I’m a noob to DJing, and I’m doing it as a hobby for now. I intended to start in Spring of 2020 and purchased the Rane 72 and a pair of Rane 12s. COVID and time didn’t permit me to start so I never opened my equipment. Now I have the time so I did some research and decided DJay Pro AI is what I want to use. With that said, I saw that it’s only compatible with the Rane 70 and Rane 12 MKII, which means I may have to take a loss and trade in my equipment for updated equipment.

So, here’s my question:
Does the Rane 70 Atrak need to be paired with Rane 12 MKII’s in order for DJay Pro AI work or is the Rane 70 Atrak with Rane MK1’s just fine?

I wouldn’t take such a big hit if I could just trade in my 72 for a 70 to use DJay Pro AI.

Hi @Noob,

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As the Rane SEVENTY A-TRAK is a simply a Mixer it should work fine with djay Pro AI but the RANE TWELVE MKI is not natively supported. The RANE TWELVE MKII, however, is natively supported in djay Pro AI.

You can find a large list of officially supported devices that work natively with every version of djay on our website at the link below.

I hope that answered your question and feel free to follow up on this thread if you have more questions regarding this topic.

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hi i have a question is there a way to connect my rane seventy v/s rane 12 to rekordbox instead of serato??

Hi @Robin_Palian,

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This community is solely dedicated to helping users that are working with djay for Mac, iOS, Windows and Android.

If you would like assistance connecting or using your RANE devices with djay feel free to reach back out to us via email or by making a new community thread.

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