Rane 70 Compatibility Issues with Djay Pro AI

I use Djay Pro AI with the Rane 70 on a Macbook Air (using Mojave). Should this work with full functionality out the box? My faders (crossfader and up faders) do not work. My pad modes (hot cue, roll, sampler, transport, etc are weirdly behaving). Should the mixer be internal or external AND what channels should I choose for individual decks, pre-cue, Sampler, and Looper, etc? Are there special drivers that need to be installed. I know the Rane 70 is sort of optimized for Serato and quite frankly it works it works perfectly with Serato (because I have Djay Pro AI and Serato both installed). But I dont like using Serato and I LOVE Djay Pro AI. Is there something I am missing or not doing. Thans. The Rane 70 is a sweet piece of equipment and I would hate to not be able to use it with DJP. The support page/release notes says it’s a supported hardware for DJP AI.

Hey @Gregory_Canady,

This mixer should be used in external mixer mode. Find out more about the differences between internal and external mixer mode in our FAQ:

Could you please describe in more detail what exactly is occurring to you when you use the mixer’s pads?

Let me know if you’re still having these issues after assigning the channels. You don’t necessarily need to assign a channel to the sampler/looper.

Cheers, G