Rane 70 or Reloop Elite


I´m about to invest in a new mixer, My top are the Rane 70 and the Reloop Elite, Which one is better in Djay Pro? I was reading some posts about the Rane that the manual effects cant be triggered, is this happening, also another bugs…
I read that the sound of the Rane is better than the Elite, and that the Elite Preamps are very low, this is why I prefer the Rane, but I just wanted to verify if is a good plug and play on djay pro… Im coming from a nightmare of compatibility of all my current set up and I dont want to have any mayor problems in this decision, Please any advice would be very appreciated.
Also a very specific question, does the knobs from this controllers can be mapped? Lets say that I dont use the mic knob, can this knob be mapped to a wet and dry effect?
Also in the pads, the ones that can be mapped, can you assign an instant effect of deck A in the pads of deck b? this sounds kind of strange but my idea is to have in deck A lets say cue page activated, and in deck b custom page assign instant effects of deck A also, so instead of having 8 pads you can have 16 pads available for deck A… This sounds crazy i know but I been using a launch pad with 64 pads available and very use to do multiple things at the same time in each deck.
One last question, The pads or pages that come by default lets say the cues, can be remapped ? or just the ones that are empty.

Thanks a lot for the patience wherever reads this post.


Reloop Elite. I have one and mapped perfectly

I do not have either, but yes you can remap the performance pads to suite your own needs.

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