Rane 72 and 12 controller

Hello I have the first set of Rane 72 and 12. Why can’t I use Djay Pro with it. Please update the software to make it work. The Rane MKII The Rane One and The Seventy are compatible why is the original not. I’m disappointed because I purchased the software and can’t use it. Please fix this issue it can’t be that hard to do. Serato does it all the time.

Hi @XNation

We are currently supporting the TWELVE MKII natively and wanted to thank you for requesting Rane SEVENTY support. It would be great if other users can share their thoughts towards the integration.

I’m requesting support for the first Rane 72 and 12’s. I hope you guys make that happen. The software is useless to me right now. And it’s great software that I can’t use. Please support the first Rane 72 and 12’s.