RANE 72 & ONE Support / Project (iOS)

Trying both of these on iOS is pretty damn cool.

Going to keep working on this, especially now I can get the vinyl in Canada.

Going to keep working on this!


One question I have is it possible to get more native functionality with the 72.

For instance not having to press shift to go into modes because that causes you to lose access to the midi layers for use.

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Hi @djquartz,

Thanks for sharing your hardware feedback with us.

I’ve gone ahead and passed this along to our QA team for further review and will update this thread when/if I receive any information from them regarding additional native functionality.

Have a nice day!

I’ll have to put this part of the project on hold right now because dvs is not possible with the current implementation.

I will watch for further updates.

@djquartz this is requested by a lot of users for more over a year… looks its more impoortant to give amatours free techno music libreries, than focus on pro users… to bad Algoriddm :frowning: