Rane one and Djay - cue point jump

Hi guys, just when things were starting feel a bit more solid whilst using the Rane one (great work on acting on the community feedback!) I think I’ve found a bug in the latest djay for iOS update.

Essentially, I want to be able to go to a cue point of a song, hold the control vinyl, press play to get the platter beneath to start spinning ready to launch the song from that cue point by releasing the vinyl.

Now what happens is when I press play, despite holding the control vinyl, the song plays approximately one beat forwards. This is making various mixes extremely difficult, particularly when beat juggling.

Here is a video to demonstrate:

I’m on djay version: 3.8.4

iOS: 15.1

It seems this issue was introduced after djay version 3.8.2

Although you gave me some homework to do, l couldn’t replicate the issue with my Rane…

I can’t remember which iPad you are using…

I recently upgraded my iPad 6th Gen to iPad 9th Gen and the main difference l have found was that Neural mix is triggered immediately when l use it as opposed to being delayed with the 6th Gen…

I might dig out my 6th Gen and see if l can replicate your problem with that…

Ah thanks for checking, I’m on an iPad Air 2020.

Also I did a hard restart on the iPad, it seemed to work for bit (I.e the issue went away) but now it’s still doing it

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Hey @Private_Repress,

Very good catch! We are sorry to hear we missed this in the last update.

I’ve notified the team about this bug and they’ll try to fix this as soon as possible. We kindly ask for your patience while they do so.

Thank you guys again for your collaboration :slight_smile: @maurizio_T. I’ll keep you posted.

Cheers, G

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@Guillermo I’ve also noticed that frequently if I back spin a playing song back beyond its start point the platter stops spinning all together. This really is making beat juggle and scratching very difficult. Expected behaviour would not be for the platter to stop unless I hit the stop button

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Hi @Private_Repress, I’ve noticed that as well and I believe our engineers were working on a fix for that. I’ll check and let you know as soon as possible.

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Yes @Private_Repress, they are aware of this and will be fixing this soon. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience on this matter.

Let me know if you find any other issues.

Cheers, G

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Thanks @Guillermo much appreciated

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Hi @Guillermo just wondering how this is progressing? Sorry to chase but I’m finding the software issues are rendering the equipment useless at the moment for any sort of beat juggling and scratching where the cue point is is the first beat of the track.

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Seems 3.8.5 has fixed the issue :clap:t2:

I had to do a couple of restarts and seemingly the behaviour is now as expected.

Thanks @Guillermo for taking on the feedback