Rane One audio plays fast briefly when letting go of platters

When i’m scratching on the Rane One (without pitch correction) the audio briefly plays slightly faster for about a second before returning to normal (bit like a pitch bend effect).
Anyone else had this!?

Hi @Beat_a_Maxx,

Thanks for posting this in the Community. In the last months, we’ve been working hard to improve these sorts of issues on the RANE ONE.

When exactly does this happen? Could you please share the steps to reproduce this issue?

For us to better understand this issue it would also be really helpful if you could record a video of the issue occurring and post it in this thread. Having a clear view of the problem will help us identify the issue.

Thank you for your time and collaboration.

Cheers, G

Thanks for the quick reply.

Basically it happens every-time i let go of the disc without key lock. the first half second plays faster before slowing down to the correct pitch.I have attached a video link Rane One Issue showing this.

Another issue is that the pitch slider range on the right deck randomly changes from 8% to 75%, this is the rane one slider, doesn’t happen when using the software pitch slider.