Rane One Controller

Ok Algoriddim lets go update Djay AI for Rane One Controller. Don’t want to go back to Serato.

How can I add a million up votes!! Is there a Venmo link to tip the programming team?

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:mega: Hi All,

Just letting you know that support for RANE ONE has been added in the latest versions of djay Pro AI for iOS (version 3.6.4) and Mac (version 3.0.6).

Thanks for sharing your suggestion here. And while the Venmo link for tips sentiment is appreciated, @lorenmiller, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it’s not at all necessary. Hope you enjoy and happy mixing! :headphones:

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wow, literally speechless and filled with gratitude…thank you!

Everything works great except for the FX paddle on Deck 2 triggers the FX on Deck 1, should be a simple fix.


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When I plug and play the One is recognised as a device but none of the controls work. What am I doing wrong?

did any of the updates fix this for you?

I tried last on Saturday 27th. Basic controls (start stop etc) working. Fx and channel meters unresponsive completely.

Hi, We are sorry to hear about the explained issue. Could you point out the exact djay version which you are using which is not working for you in conjunction with the Rane One?

Hi - I’m using 3.0.9

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