RANE One Crossfader Curve issue

Bug found with iOS djay and RANE One

iPad Pro M1
Rane One
DJay 5.1.7

On RANE One, set Crossfader Contour knob to SLOW
Open djay on iPad
In settings, Sound, Crossfader curve always comes up as CUT (NOT SURE WHY?)
Change it to Default
Everything works as expected

Slightly move the RANE One Crossfader Contour knob… even a hair!
Boom! djay changes countour settings back to CUT!!

it is embarrasing
it is annoying
it needs to be fixed or I have to keep using Serato

Consider adding a feature to DISABLE crossfader

Hi @Wirelessdj,

  1. What iOS version are you using?
  2. I have forwarded this to the engineering team to see if they can replicate this on their end.
  3. In the meantime, you could edit then built-in MIDI Mapping and try deleting the mapped command for the Crossfader contour knob.

@Wirelessdj also, if you switch to 4 Deck Mode you can set your Crossfader assignments for each channel to Thru which effectively disables the Crossfader.

but was happening on earlier iOS versions
I’ve been dealing with this issue for a while
finally got sick of it and decided to create a help ticket

Thank you

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Thanks for the additional info. You’re welcome.

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Hi @Wirelessdj, I spoke with the engineering team.

We tried to repro on the exact same setup, but here everything seems expected: We use the RANE One in internal mixer mode. We only get CUT in the last quarter (more or less) turn of the knob to the right.

Can you please switch your MIDI Mapping to the built-in mapping and confirm if this fixes the issue? Thanks.

How do you switch it to the built in mapping?

Hi @Wirelessdj,

  1. Navigate to djay Settings>MIDI Devices>MIDI DEVICES and select the RANE One.
  2. In the next screen under MIDI CONFIGURATION at the top left, select the name of your current MIDI Mapping.
  3. In the next screen, select RANE One (built-in). Or something similar to this name with (built-in) on the end.
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Serato has the Rane one utility for the xfader. Use it and let us know if it fixed the issue when you plug back into Djay.

Hope that helps

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WAIT. That won’t work. I am using the iPad there is no app