Rane One DVS (Testing), Turntable Mode Needed

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  • Device model: Rane One
  • Version of operating system: MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android
  • Version of djay: 5.1.x
  • Hardware/controllers used: Rane One

I have a Rane One with a tone arm kit. DJAY shows and incoming signal from the phono inputs on the Rane One which DVS is enabled.

When the deck does not have a track loaded, the start./stop button works normally and there is an incoming signal on the scopes. The decks did switch to REL mode as well.

Calibration is successful.

When I load a track into the deck, this is where I see an issue.

When there is a signal detected on the phone input(s) the motor will start. If there is no signal from the phono input the motor will stop.

The start/stop button does not work when a track is loaded. However the pitch control is working which is good.

I believe this has to do with the spindle controlling tracking during Relative Mode and disabling the start/stop buttons.

What would be needed is the spindle control to be disable, the start/stop buttons to function as normal and the pitch control to be functional.

This would provide DVS control on the R1 with 7" control vinyl along with regular vinyl.

Thus creating a portable turntable and mixer setup.

I found that on the iOS version, the DVS tracking worked intermittently where as on the MacOS version it would stop tracking and pitch bend instead.

NOTE: If you hold the spindle while moving the control vinyl with the iOS version it tracks very well.

Hi @djquartz, I’m not a DVS user so this one is definitely outside my expertise. I’ll forward this to the engineering team to see if they have any suggestions. Thanks.

Hi again @djquartz, I spoke with the engineering team and these are their comments based on your description of the issue.

  1. As you correctly observed, we’d need to disable part of the RANE ONE’s control to make this specific scenario work. The team has looked into this, but unfortunately it requires a significant change to the code for a very niche use case so this would need to be prioritized accordingly.
  2. Is there a reason why you prefer DVS over using the ONE as intended? The tonearm kit makes sense for playing music from vinyl but less so for DVS. A needle reading a DVS signal from a record is always less accurate and pretty susceptible to external disturbances, whereas the rotary sensor inside the ONE is high resolution and very reliable.

In testing both internal control and DVS with scratching. I prefer DVS, it still feels more accurate for me.

But also, due to the fact of being able to switch between dvs and vinyl would be helpful.

I have modded 7" control vinyl with the quick release adapters just for the feel as well. I was never a fan of how the acrylic disks felt on the Rane One. However, even with customization it’s not a fast way to switch between the two.

I used an NS7 for years and that was one of the things I like about it. They used actual vinyl for the control discs.

But even then I still could feel and tell the difference between scratching/mixing on turntables vs midi controlled, motorized platters.

It’s also my workflow, I’ve been using the Skratch Attach app and I made a full control template in TouchOSC to make the R1 behave just like turntables.

The Skratch Attach app provides a super sharp cut on the crossfader too.

My goal is a portable turntable/mixer setup with the Rane One configuration.

I personally have never had tracking issues with my own setups playing in the field. It’s when I used the club’s in house setup I’ve run into problems.

So I always travelled with my own mixer and decks to all my gigs unless they had new gear.

Tonearm kits allow you to have the same setup in a portable format. That is my goal.

Also I have a pretty extensive 45 collection now, including control vinyl and scratch vinyl.

Okay, thanks for the detailed response. I’ve forwarded this onto the dev team for further review and consideration. Hopefully other RANE ONE users will chime in on this topic and cast their votes as well. Thanks again.

No problem.

If you need any examples for proof of concept. Let me know.


Sounds good @djquartz

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