Rane One Effects Paddle Causing Complete Silence

A new problem that I can’t seem to recreate with any regularity is killing me.

  1. Turn on effect
  2. Adjust wet / dry knob
  3. Flip Paddle to on

Nothing brings the sound back either. You have to load a new track in order to get sound.

Performance breaking problem. Heading into a big transition and you just get silence and have to scramble to load a new track.

Can’t have this keep happening. Any solutions?

Wow! I haven’t had that happen to me yet but l will try and replicate it…

Are you using Mac, IOS (iPad) or Windows?

Mac. It has only starting happening in the last 3 weeks or so. I wish I could replicate it, but it happens once or twice a week. So 1 or 2 times out of 10ish hours.

I’ve literally loaded the tracks it happened with and transitioned back and forth 15 times without it happening again.

Hi @TheDJBear,

Very strange issue indeed!

While we have not been able to recreate this issue it would be extremely beneficial if as soon as you have this problem happen again you write down and send in the following information:

  1. The track you are playing and it’s library source. Tidal, SC, Local, etc.
  2. If you have other programs running in the background.
  3. If your USB cable in good condition from the controller to your Mac.
  4. The specific effect that you are using.

This could also be an issue where the Rane One is having a hardware issue where a very minimal amount of excess electrical current may be “short-circuiting” the connection between the controller and your Mac but only time will tell with that theory.

Looking forward to finding a solution for you!

Hey Nathaniel,

I can answer a few of these.

  1. Local
  2. Nothing of note open. Maybe chrome or itunes.
  3. New Cables
  4. Echo / Reverb together and separately

Worth noting that this hasn’t happened to me since I posted this, but I have stopped using multiple effects simultaneously to try to avoid the issue.


Hi @TheDJBear,

Thank you very much for the update!

I will pass this additional information along to our dev team for further review.

Please let us know if you have this problem again and if you can pinpoint the exact steps that lead to said issue.