Rane one fader issues

I have a Rane One. Djay Pro on IPad version works fine with my Rane One but when I switch to my Mackbook Pro I can hear both decks playing regardless of the crossfader position and if I turn the line fader down but keep the track playing I still here the music coming out of my speakers. I don’t think this is Rane issue because it works fine with my iPad and if I use Serato. I dont think it is the DJay Pro Ai Mac version because I use the new dvs feature with my DJM s9 mixer and turntables and it works fine. Any idea how to fix the fader issues with my MacBook Pro?

I’ll try my Rane one on my MacBook and see if it’s happening to me, I’ve only been using iOS since the 4+ updates - I’ll get back to you asap

Hi have you checked the crossfader settings on the app?

Yes on the software and Rane one. I’ve tried different variations. It doesn’t not fix the issue.

Hi @deez,

Thanks for posting your question.

I see that you have also submitted a support ticket with us. We will continue to follow up with you shortly via that support channel and update this thread with any additional information.

Looking forward to getting this solved for you!

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