Rane One feedbacks

I had the chance to try Djay iOS on several controllers, like Reloop, Pioneer and Rane.
And I wanted to give you some feedbacks after all my tests on gigs.
In my point of view, the Rane One is by far the best controller for Djay iOS.
Everything works like a charm, I no longer have any bugs today !
And the facts that the second layer of Cue pad is already mapped as Cue Loop is a game changer.
The build quality is nowhere near of the competition.

And this is why I am so interested about the next full compatibility with the Rane Four which has some incredible additional features.

Hi @Julien_Apruzzese,

Thanks for providing all of this controller feedback to us!

We’ve gone ahead and passed it along to our engineering team for further review and we will update this thread should new information come back from them.

Have a fantastic day!