Rane One iPad Search function

I have stated this issue in another thread so l would like to start my own,

I use the Pro mode and have my iPad connected to the Rane One in the Vertical mode.

So basically if l have a track playing in Deck 1, and I’m playing from a Queue list, if l press the Deck 2 Load button and scroll through the tracks that are in queue, l can successfully select the next track that l want to play and it will load on Deck 2,

However if l try to do the same thing, but instead of selecting a track that l have in my Queue playlist and l select the search bar, and search for a track, if l then select the track that l have just searched, it will not load onto Deck 2 instead it will attempt to load on Deck 1 but being that l have Protect Selected Deck activated in settings, it won’t load…

If l wanted to load the track, l have to just select the next track in the queue, then use the search bar to search a track and only then will it load onto Deck 2…
It’s a workaround albeit an annoying one…

This happens regardless if l am using Deck 1 or Deck 2

So I tried another experiment this time with the iPad in the Horizontal mode and the issue isn’t there…
It works fine

This issue wasn’t there prior to Version 4 update.

I’m curious to know if any other Rane One or any other controller users using their iPad in Vertical mode are experiencing the same issue,

Private Repress has confirmed it happens to him as well

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I confirm. I have this problem in vertical mode. Also, the track search window appears on the wrong side. Djay tries to play the track on the deck for which the search box was opened. at the same time, the algorithm for choosing a deck (side) when searching is completely incomprehensible. if I turn the handle on deck 1, the window may appear to the right or left side and vice versa.

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Yes, l forgot to point that out, when l try to load a track using the load button, the opposite screen opens…

Same issue here on a Rane one in vertical pro view

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Hi All,

Thanks for bringing these issues to our attention! I’ve reported these to our Development Team for investigation, and I’ll keep this thread updated with news from the team.

Thanks in advance for your patience while waiting for a fix. :pray: