Rane One + iPhone 13

I started experimenting tonight after I orders a lighting to dual usb adapter.

The ideas was to put music on a nano usb drive and leave it connected to one usb port.The other usb port used to connect the controller.

It worked perfectly and I was able to access the files on the nano usb drive via the files option in djay pro.

I’m shocked at the tight response you get when scratching!

This will make an excellent super mobile dj performance/demo setup!

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Hey @djquartz ,

Thanks for sharing this feedback here in the Community.

We genuinely appreciate your enthusiasm and kind words on this! Hopefully, other users can also share their relevant experience on this.

We take the time to carefully examine your feedback and suggestions, so we look forward to hearing from you.


No problem, from what I see this make the Rane One a standalone/hybrid unit with an iPhone or iPad.

You have the following options for music with Internal Mode:

  • Cloud

  • USB Drive, or external USB Hardrive

  • Internal Storage on the iPhone/iPad

  • Vinyl
    (I’m using a different solution for this with the Rane One)

  • DVS +Tonearm Kit
    I received a response from support and it’s a feature request at this point.