Rane One Jogs Dragging / Slowing Down Pitch in Slip Mode

Has anyone else made a bug report of the slip mode issue with a Rane One? For some reason whenever I use slip mode every now and then, the track slows way down and then speeds backup , you will have to listen carefully but its at the 23 and 35 seconds mark, oh, & please excuse my skillz lol I hope it’s just that 1 of my settings are wrong…


Hi @Timothy_Refile,

Thanks for posting this to the community!

You’re video was incredibly helpful so thank you for that as well.

May I ask what version of djay you are using?

Also could you tell us what iPad you are using as well as if you are using the latest iOS…

Reason I am asking is that with my iPad Gen 4, the Beat grids appear to slow down when I try to use Neural mix,
I updated to a iPad Gen 9 and it fixed that issue…

I haven’t noticed your problem with my set up although I’m not much of a scratch DJ and don’t really use and I don’t use Slip mode much either…
I will try and see if I can replicate the issue with my set up…

I think it’s the iPad pro 2020 11inch ,

Hi Timothy,
l tried replicating your glitch and couldn’t get it to do what it did in your YouTube video…
I tried with 3 different hip hop tracks and it didn’t momentarily slow down for me…
Any other Rane One users feel like trying out?

Just to confirm I’ve had this as well, difficult to replicate, but it happened quite a bit playing at the weekend. I’m running a Rane one with an iPad Air M1.


yea i don’t even use slip mode really, but i figured there are a few that use it

Hi @Timothy_Refile,

Backtracking to my previous question, could you please let me know what version of djay for iOS you are using? Please note that we did just release a new version of the app 2 days ago so feel free to update djay whenever is convenient for you.

Additionally, @Private_Repress were you able to recall any specifics in how you reproduced this issue so that I can relay them to our dev team?

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