Rane ONE mixer CUE buttons synchronization

Moving the crossfader from side to side switches the deck’s active monitoring channel (CUE). But this information is not transmitted to Rane ONE. It is also extremely strange to switch the channel of monitoring when changing the position of the crossfader. Do not change the selected CUEs if a controller is connected while moving the crossfader.


What setting do you have Pre Cueing at?

I see. Thank you. I found this setting. Now the crossfader does not affect the CUE, but if you click on the headphones icon in the interface, the CUE button does not change its state on the Rane ONE controller this is what the bug is about…

Hi @mrtime,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve reported this bug you’ve shared where selecting the headphones icon in the app doesn’t have an effect on the RANE ONE CUE buttons to our Development Team. I’ll keep you posted with any updates about this!