Rane One or Djay setting?

What up Djay family! So i have never experienced this but i had a gig this past weekend and when a song would finish that deck on the rane one would keep spinning but just silence.

Did i hit something in djay or on the rane one? It use to stop the platter at the end but now its continuous until i hit stop.

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hi, its completely normal I have the rare one as well and with or without a track it will still spin.

hope that helps


Thats the weird part though. Ive never had it spin continuously until this past weekend. Before, the track would stop in djay and platters stop. Now in djay it keeps playing as well as the platters.

Hey G,
As Temi stated it’s normal but it wasn’t always like that…
Quite a few updates ago. The platter would stop when the track finished,
Wish it were still the case but not a big deal

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Hey whats up @maurizio_T !

Yeah not a big deal I agree. It was just weird when it started happening.

I was wondering if i had hit a setting or something :man_facepalming:t2:

Thanks for you and @Temi_Siyanbola confirming. Def appreciate it!

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