Rane One Pitch Bend While Scratching And/Or Nudging

Apologies if any of these issues have been brought up in the past. I have searched but haven’t found any solutions.

I have the Rane One with an IPad:

(1) When scratching or even nudging the platters, the pitch noticeably bends. This works with and without pitch lock.

(2) My FX section is totally disabled. I am unable to use or even map it to make it useable.

Thanks in advance for the help.


I have a hunch.

Try plugging in the Rane one to your cam adapter just before you open up the app

Thanks will try this later and report back.

You have the rane one ? No issues with bending pitch ?

It seemed to work somewhat. The pitch bend is still there just not as noticeable. I can’t “nudge” the records without hearing an undesirable change in pitch. The FX section works but as others mentioned, it is split but I’m fine with that.

Thanks gain for your input