RANE ONE shift + Motor Off , stop the music !

I noticed that the “shift + motor off” behavior on the RANE ONE does not behave as expected. with serato when i press that combination of keys the motor stops and the platter stops spinning but the music continues to play and i can use the platter like a normal cdj to control the speed of the song.
in this case with djay pro it doesn’t have this behavior and when I press shift + motor off it simply stops the platter and also the music, as if I pressed STOP.
in the midi session there is no way to map this .
do you have a solution?

djay pro version 4.1.5
macbook air m1
Rane one


Thanks for bringing this up Enzo,
I too would like to see this function implemented on the Rane One


As you guys using the rane one, I cannot map the affects buttons and paddles as well. How did you do it?

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explain the problem to me better, because I managed to map everything but I understood that they must be mapped on the original configuration.

Hi there, and thank you forgetting back to me. So my main issue is that the affects buttons and paddles. Do not work. Even when I open the midi mapping section. If I press any of those buttons, it does not register on the application.

Perhaps you can send your mapping file?


I’ll try to send you my custom map while I wait for someone from the algoriddim team to reply to the motor off problem

Thank you

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Thank you so much for the file mate. Will let you know if it works

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I’m a dj who uses rane one, for some genres it would be appropriate to use the jogs like normal cjds, so i think the MOTOR OFF function is important. I ask the djay pro developers to include this feature as soon as possible .
Thank you

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:pray: :pray: :pray: I also think that for some genres it is important.

Hey @Enzo_Spina - Thanks for reaching out.

I appreciate the dynamic discussion that there’s been on the topic! Thanks for your involvement, @maurizio_T , @Djdash , @Enzo_Spina , and @DjFranky .

I highly suggest posting these feature requests for MOTOR OFF with the Rane One in our Suggestions page where other users can chime in and even vote on the topic for further visibility.

Thanks again for your participation, and I look forward to hearing from you all again sometime soon!

I’ll be closing this thread now since it is starting to veer into the Suggestions side of things.