Rane one / single fx

Hi there

I’ve just received my rane one but struggling to work out how I control the additional parameters when using the single FX.

How do u change these parameters via the rane one

Are you referring to the effects triggered by the paddles?

I’m referring to the 1-6 fx buttons but when set to single fx, for example setting it as brake echo, u can adjust the depth using the depth knob but how do u adjust the feedback and filter from the Rane one?

Also when I change the mode ftom default brake to fade it doesn’t save this setting

Unless I’m missing something, the feedback or depth aren’t available to alter on Djay app or the Rane One…
The Depth and the Beat are the only adjustments that can be made to the FXs…

I have my Rane One mapped so that FX1, FX2, FX3 control Deck 1 and FX4, FX5, FX6 control Deck 2…

I have FX1 and FX4 set to Echo,
FX2 and FX5 are set to Dub Echo
And FX3 and FX6 can be set to any of the multiple FXs that DJay has…
I mapped the buttons on each deck to. be able to cycle through all the FXs…

Not sure l follow you with what default Brake to fade relates to.

I think now you are referring to the Instant Pad effects.
If so then the Depth knob doesn’t apply to those effects however you can still use the Filter knob.

I’ll add some images tomorrow