RANE one tempo fader issues

So I just bought a RANE one and for an odd reason the tempo fader is three bpms higher in the neutral position so I have to raise it to get it to level out at 0. The light indicator also doesn’t light up unless the fader is above the neutral position. I’m new to this unit but what could be my issue?

You may have a faulty controller,
Does it happen when you use the app alone?
My Right channel Gain pot is a bit dodgy as well,
Unfortunately the fix is to replace the entire right internal pc board, which I believe is $300 just for the part…!

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I use the serato software but even when the controller isn’t hooked to my laptop it still does the same thing, is there Like a controller reset or I’d have to get work done on this unit?

Hi @Jacobi_Cheedy,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

We’re sorry to hear about this issue! Does the other tempo fader function normally, or does it behave the same as the one pictured above?