RANE ONE - What's your experience been like so far?

Afternoon All,

About to purchase a RANE ONE and wondering what peoples experience is so far since it was made compatible with DJAY?

Seen an earlier thread showing some issues with buttons etc.

Been using the DDJ 400 up until now and have had zero issues at all.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank You!

At a gig right now with it, a few quirks but overall very happy!


Had this for about a month now - definitely some quirks but hopefully improved.

Does pushing the hot cue, sampler modes twice give you the second functionality? tone play etc?

Doesn’t work on mine

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It doesn’t work on mine either

I have had the Rane one for just over a week and I’m loving it…
I have it running through my IPad 6 128GB…
I have managed to map it to more or less exactly how I want it…
These mapping settings include,

Shift + Tap to start/stop the record function,
Shift + Parameters to set Grid pattern,
Shift + High to control Neural Mix Vocals,
Shift + Mid to control Neural Mix Harmonic,
Shift + Low to control Neural Mix Drums,

Hot Cue 5 switches Neural Mix Vocals on/off on each corresponding deck,
Hot Cue 6 switches Neural Mix Harmonic on/off on each corresponding deck,
Hot cue 7 switches Neural Mix Drums on/off on each corresponding deck,

Shift + Pitch bend switches the View modes from 2 channel, 4 channel, Looper modes,

The Parameters button on each deck scrolls through the different FX assigned to FX3,

Shift + scroll on each deck scrubs through the track (Yes I know there already is the touch scrub function but I prefer to do it this way to be honest)

Saved Loops 1-8 now triggers Instant Effects 1-8 on each bank, (I don’t personally use the saved loops function so this was easier to set up rather than touching the iPad screen,)
In this setting, I also changed Instant Effects 4 to Vocal Echo out 3/4 and Effects 5 to Vocal Echo out 1/4,

I have also been able to set up a work around to be able to make use of the 4 deck mode,this was a bit tricky but it works, albeit not exactly like a 4 channel controller of course…

What I did was to assign Mic 1 level to control the level of Deck 3, The Mic High and Low Eq also controls deck 3,
Roll pad 1 on Deck 1 Starts/Stops the track on deck 3, Roll pad 2 on Deck 1 jumps to Cue point 1 on deck 3,

Mic 2 level controls the level of Deck 4, The Mic High and Low Eq also controls deck 4,
Roll pad 1 on Deck 2 Starts/Stops the track on deck 4, Roll pad 2 on Deck 2 jumps to Cue point 1 on deck 4,

Shift + Back button on Deck 1 Loads Track to Deck 3,
Shift + Back button on Deck 2 Loads Track to Deck 4,
Shift + Sync button on Deck 1 Cues Deck 3
Shift + Sync button on Deck 2 Cues Deck 4

As I stated, this is a tricky, and by no means perfect way of utilising 4 decks but it does work as a get around.

Note that this is a software application and does not effect the Mic Hard ware settings in any way, The Mic and Line function will work exactly how it is designed to do,
Obviously you cant use the Mic and 4 deck settings at the same time though…

A couple of glitches that I have come across so far are, although some of these aren’t a Rane Controller and more of a Djay Pro compared to Djay 2 issue,

The beat grid with some tracks are as good as it was with the Djay 2 app.
For example,
The track Keep On Movin by the Space Rangers grids perfectly with Djay 2 but on Djay Pro it doesn’t, The Grid is off for approximately the first minute of the track, but this wasn’t the case with Djay 2,I don’t know why this is but it has also happened on a few other tracks as well, but in general it’s ok.

I really wish that the Gain was a complete Kill, I don’t know why it isn’t and I would think that it would be an easy fix, hopefully in the next Update (fingers crossed)

Another glitch and I don’t know if it is a Rane compatibility issue or the Djay Pro software issue is if I have a track and the Pitch has been moved, either sped up or slowed down, Whenever I press cue and then press the Start/Stop button, the speed of the track will move for a split second depending on either it has been slowed down or sped up…This doesn’t happen if the Pitch slider is in the 0 position…

I would also like if the Motor off function was available so that the track can still play with the platter not moving…
I tried to see if this could be midi mapped but it doesn’t look like that it can…


I just got my Rane one today, coming from a Mixon 4 I was excited to try with Djay. One feature that got me interested was the fact that Rane One has inputs so I can mix external devices into my set but the problem I am having is when I’m playing a song lets say on deck 1 but want to switch the input to the line or usb input on deck 2, when i flip the switch deck one stops playing in the software? The desired outcome was deck 1 continues playing in software unchanged when I switch the input on deck 2.

I just tested what Terrill experienced and the same thing is happening with me…

Please fix this as well

To sum up my experience this far (about 4 weeks with a Rane one) it’s not quite there with Djay yet.

A number of bugs are present that make using the controller with this a software in a live environment i.e playing to a crowd a bit of a bug anxiety nightmare.

So far I’ve found the following issues

  • cue pint drifting (not the end of the world but makes beat juggling and scratching impossible unless you watch the waveform).

  • disabling the sync feature when two tracks are playing results in Bpm drift an an immediate dip in pitch

  • the way that effects are mapped to the paddles isn’t great

  • a back spin bug that leaves deck A in an infinite backspin

  • not all the features you see advertised with the controller for use on serato work with djay, ie dual purpose performance pad features

These are the main issues I’ve experienced, really hope they get addressed, if they do it will be an unbeatable combination. But at the moment it’s just a bit to buggy to enjoy.

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Totally agree!!
Algoriddim staff, please look into this…You have advertised since February that the Rane one is now compatible with the app yet there are so many bugs in there that make it unusable with the Rane One…

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Very interesting. I’m thinking of getting a Rane 1 just to use with DJ Pro via my IPad Pro.

I’m probably at 95% sold, I think I need to get myself to a showroom and get hands on.

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There’s been many improvements since I wrote the comment above. I would highly recommend trying with Djay before you buy, there’s still a few things that don’t work exactly like serato. For example the number of fx that can be used with the paddles (should be six but you are limited to three per deck), lack of pitch play - and up until the last few updates it didn’t seem that djay was accurately reading the motion of the platter - that is now fixed :slight_smile:

The controller is a fantastic bit if kit

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I would have to agree with Private Repress,
The controller itself is fantastic and really well built.
Like anything new, the layout might need a little getting used to but I have totally climatized to it now…
My laptop is old and slow so I rely totally on my iPad which is why I chose Dj Pro and it works fairly well (although it has had hiccups with the prior versions of Djay Pro)

I too would like to see the 6 FX feature added as well and Pitch & Play…

I’m still having two issues with the the Software though, both related to Sync function…

Generally if 2 tracks are playing and Sync is activated, whenever you release the Sync button after you have completed your transition, the pitch in the track still playing dips for a split second, which can be heard especially if the track is at a vocal part…
It’s also strange to see that when you have Sync activated and you disengage it, the temp drifts slightly…

The other issue which is not really a deal breaker rather than an annoyance is that if you have sped up a track and are ready to Cue it, if you press your Cue point, the track will start but will not continue playing until you hit the Start/Stop button, when this happens you here a momentary slight change in tempo but it plays normally after that…

It would also be good if they could implement the Motor Stop feature where by you could play tracks without the platter spinning which is how it is designed to do in Serato…Not a deal breaker but a nice function to have nonetheless…

All in all though I am very happy with the Rane One…and hopefully with future updates the various issues will be sorted.

Forgot to add, the Neural Mix feature is great and a game changer as well, Something that Serato is yet to implement…