Rane Seventy A-Trak Signature Edition MIDI mapping

The MIDI mapping assignments for Seventy and Seventy A-Trak Signature Edition are different, right?
So I will share a custom MIDI mapping for A-Trak Signature Edition users.
We will make some small changes. If other users have any custom ones, please let us know.

[My Environment]
djay Pro AI (iOS)
DVS mode → ON
Mixer mode → External

Finally, a request.
While it is possible in Serato, switching between main and sub in PAD mode exists only in Roll and Transport, and there are no sub modes in CUE, Saved Loop, and Sampler.
I would like to see this changed in a future update so that the sub function is available in all PAD modes.


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Are these the only buttons you mapped? I would like to have a full transport section with play button pitch bend and so on. Unfortunately I don’t know how to map it right with right modifiers, otherwise I overwrite existing functions. Do you know how to do it?

Yes, I am. This is all I have for now.
I should have indicated my environment.

djay Pro AI (iOS)
DVS mode → ON
Mixer mode → External

MIDI mapping data can be obtained by
Settings→MIDI Device
Original data will not be overwritten.
Customized data can be saved, copied, and renamed.

Nice work with the midi mapping. Would be great if you could share it to DJ TechTools MIDI Mapping database page so it’s easier for other people to find it. Thanks!


I’ll check it out! Thanks.

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It has become complicated and I have summarized it here.

  • Sync button not assigned → Assign Sync

  • Instant Double not assigned → Assign to [Shift + Load Deck]

  • Pitch Play assignment→Pitch Play assignment to each PAD in Transport sub-mode, [Shift + PAD] to select Pitch Play Cue Point, [Parameter] to select Pitch Play Range Up & Down

  • Slicer assignment → [Shift + Roll] for Slicer Loop Active, Slice assignment to each PAD in Roll sub-mode, [Shift + Parameter] for Slicer Repeat Interval Up & Down

  • Controller Shift Key assigned to [TAP]

  • Keylock Assign→[TAP + Parameter(Left)]

  • Quantize Assign→[TAP + Parameter(Right)]

In ver. 4.0.9, pitch play in Seventy is MIDI-assigned and officially supported!!

Therefore, the MIDI mapping I am uploading now is outdated.
I will upload a new MIDI mapping file soon.

And…I haven’t found the cause for this yet, but the sound disappears when Software FX is turned on in ver. 4.0.9.

It seems that the routing of the FX has been changed, but I still don’t know if my settings are bad or if it is a bug.

I’ll give feedback to support too, but if anyone knows the cause, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know in this thread.

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Hi all,

Thanks so much for sharing your mappings for the Rane Seventy A-Trak Edition @nicefinga!

I’m pleased to inform you that we released additional support for both the standard Rane Seventy as well as the A-Trak Signature Edition in our latest update to djay Pro AI!

Feel free to provide some feedback and let us know if we got it right, or if you have any additional comments or concerns!


But here’s another problem…
The Hot Cue, Roll, and Transport sub-modes on Deck 2 are not responding.
Therefore, pitch play is not possible on the Deck 2 side.

Best regards.


Thank you for the additional feedback!

I’m sorry to hear of the inconvenience, and I will make a note of this to pass on to our development team for further insight.

Thank you in advance for your understanding!

I am sorry. It was my mistake in checking.
The input select on the mixer was incorrect and the input connected to the iPad was not selected.
It is now working properly!

Updated MIDI mapping file for ver. 4.0.10.
There are no major changes in the mapping itself.
Mappings that were officially adopted have been omitted, and mappings that were not officially adopted have been updated.

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