Rane seventy post fader fx doesn't work!!!

Why post fader fx doesn’t work on my rane seventy? Works only pre fader. Is there another setting i should activate to work?

@paulmctin post fader FX only work when using Internal Mixer Mode.

It is the same for Reloop Elite mixer?

@paulmctin Post Fader FX do work with the Reloop Elite Mixer. This was achieved through a special FX Send/Return setup with Reloop.

Slak, and engineer didn’t wanted that special FX Send/Return setup for all the mixers, only for Reloop? What is this discrimination for other users?

@DJ-Z Algoriddim has a long standing, close development and collaboration relationship with Reloop. As such Reloop was willing to work with us and adjust their hardware/firmware to make this feature possible. Post fader FX with external mixers cannot simply be achieved on the software side of things. Keep in mind that Reloop and Algoriddim are both based in Germany making such close collaboration possible. In addition Reloop is smaller than many of the other manufacturers so performing changes like this to their hardware/firmware is also way more feasible for them. This is simply not practical for the larger manufacturers.

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