Rane Seventy setup

This is exciting to see. Algoriddim is ahead of other platforms in some ways. For the mixer integration: Is there documentation for setup, or mapping of the mixer controls?
Is mixing in HW, or MAC / IOS. effects routing, are mixer effects available, microphone, Neural EQ controls, recommended usb cable for new MACs?

I have lots of questions, excited to try it, but would like to see some documentation or demo video before getting hardware.

I am an experienced DJ


The Rane Seventy is natively supported and mapped towards the indication of the outlay of controls of the controller. Still you can edit your mapping manually e.g. for adding Neural Mix controls to the controls.

At the moment the device is supported by djay for iOS and Mac as stated on our hardware site:

Does the Rane Seventy use External mixing or Internal, in the Algoriddim DJ mixer sound card setup?

The RANE Seventy should be automatically configured in external mixer mode.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

thank you Guillermo.