RANE Seventy-Two MKII Support

Any word on support for Rane Seventy-Two MKII yet??
Should we wait, or it won’t happen?


Hi @Armgod_Okello,

Thanks for asking this question in the Algoriddim Community.

While I’m not allowed to talk about future plans, I’ll pass this hardware request along to our development team for future consideration. Our team is continuously improving the app, so your insights are very helpful in ensuring future developments are aligned with the wishes of the djay community. I’ll keep you posted with any updates.

It would be great if the rest of the community could vote/comment on this request. :ballot_box:

Let me know if you have any further questions/suggestions.

Rane Seventy-Two MKII Support please :pray: On the same note, I try to map my rane mixer. So please tell me, how can I map Track scrolling to my Rane Seventy-Two? I think I’m blind didn’t found it in the mapping list - thanks love peace …

Same here please give support

+1 please add native support for the Rane Sevety Two.

Currently it is possible to partially map the Seventy Two as a midi input, although this significantly limits functionality.

The best mixer on the market should be able to be maximized in the best Dj software serato doesn’t compare to me DJay PRO AI is king of Software to me

Hi All,

Just letting you know that support for the RANE SEVENTY-TWO (MKI and MKII) has been added in the latest version of djay Pro AI, version 4.0.4, including performance pads. However, please note that switching performance pad modes requires holding SHIFT while selecting the mode to access cue points and other djay functionality.

To use the new functionality, please update your app when you get a chance on the App Store.

Thanks again for sharing this request! :headphones:

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Much gratitude for additional support added to iOS!!
Does this iOS support include waveform display on the Rane 72’s screen?

can you try again with the new iOS update (v.4.0.4) and let us know if the support is 100% including waveform display on the rane 72 using iPad or iPhone?

Hi there - I just conducted a quick test and found that pad modes work well
(thanks!) but I am missing 3 crucial elements for this to be functional:
(1) BPM sync; (2) track search on mixer display; (3) waveform on mixer
display. Please LMK if there is anything I could do differently on my end
to make this work (so I can stop using a macbook with Serato :slight_smile:

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