rane twelve mk2 and reloop elite

Hi guys I had switch from rane one after take reloop elite mixer and now I bought a couple of rane twelve mk2. Come inside my house tomorrow. Now i supposed all will be support by djay so I need only to plug in elite mixer the two usb decks of twelve right?

Need to set somenthing particular in djay for run all this equipment?

Tks a lot

Carletto Dj

hi Guys, yesterday i place my set up on my desk. Very happy to report that djay has reconize without any problem rane twelve mk2 throu the elite reloop mixer hub. the only thing must done set the number of deck on a twelve and keep rocking :slight_smile:


Hey @carletto_dj - Thanks for your post.

We’re so glad to hear that your setup of the Rane Twelve MK2 and Reloop Elite Mixer is working smoothly with djay.

Enjoy, keep rocking :sunglasses:, and feel free to reach out here in the Community if you have any questions!

Hi Alyx. yes all great a part a liottle two problem that don’t stop the music but will be great if will be solved in next release i had done a post in bug section :slight_smile: