Rane Twelve MK2 Behavior - Midi Mapping

Hey Algoriddim !

I just received 2* Rane Twelve and they were instantly recognized (so good point here eh :smiley:).
However I found some issues with the midi mapping.

  • When holding a cue + pressing play button stop the track. Instead of stopping it, shouldn’t we let it play ?

  • The play button doesn’t light when playing (it keeps its original light)

  • Is it possible to instant-start with the play button or a cue ? We need to wait for the platter to start and reach its normal speed before having the correct pitch. It’s uncomfortable when trying sync two song by using cues as we need to sync them after. (I didn’t find the platter that send pitch bend in the midi mapping config so I could adjust the speed).

Thanks a lot !

Edit :
I was able to set the play/pause light by adding the following code at the end of the midi mapping file, but what’s weird is that code doesn’t contain the midi note number, but it’s visible in the Djay Mapping Editor.


Hi @Kyrillos_L,

Thank you very much for your feedback. We hope you’re enjoying the classic feeling of mixing on the Rane Twelve.

We are currently working on these aspects you’ve mentioned. Stay tune for upcoming updates !

Yaaaay it’s a pleasure to have the vinyl touch + the workflow from Djay. So bad that spotify revoked their support for 3rd party DJs app.

I’m adding a little thing : When switching deck (ABCD) on the Twelve, the pitch drop on the app. I guess it’s linked to the fact that Djay is listening to the platter information.

I’m an engineer at Arturia, so I can beta-test the mapping if that can help.
I can’t wait to have a full integration :slight_smile:

BTW great support Algoriddim !

Hi @Kyrillos_L,

We are also aware of that pitch issue when switching between decks on the Twelves’.

We’ll keep you posted with any news about this!

@alilo_nadhim, did you want to show us a video? Could you send it to us via wetransfer.com? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Kyrillos_L,

We have big news for you! We added official support for the RANE ONE, RANE TWELVE MKII, and RANE SEVENTY. [video]

The issues you reported should be fixed. Let us know if you have any more questions or issues with the device.

Hey !
Just had the time to get back to Djay, everything’s working fine, that’s great !

Thanks a lot !

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