Rane Twelve Mk2 does not maintain Deck selection..

Hello Algoriddim… I use a pair of Rane Twelve Mk2 + DJM S11 on my iPad Pro M1 and the latest version of App 3.7.7. Since other versions I notice that when selecting decks in Twelves, when loading other Tracks to Decks they lose their previous selections. For example: I select deck 1 on the left Twelve, ok! I select Deck 2 on the right Twelve. Okay so far… But when starting the use properly and loading other Tracks in the respective Decks, the Twelves lose the selection of the Decks previously chosen, keeping the Leds of all Decks ( 1,2,3,4 ) lit. Any special settings to be done? My Twelves are plugged into the USB HUB behind the DJM S11 itself.

Hi Fernando,

Thank you very much for bringing this issue to our attention. We’re currently investigating this.

I’ll keep you posted here with any information about this fix.

Cheers, G

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