Rating tracks through DJAY

I would like to be able to "RATE " tracks in DJAY==linked to Itunes.
Can’t find a way to do this… nothing in contextual menu “control-click”… too bad, cuz i’m listening to all my libraries through DJAY, not using itunes anymore… since YEARS in fact.

Great idea. I sometimes want to re-rate the tracks I’m playing in DJAY, so it would be very handy to do this directly within DJAY. The less we have to use iTunes, the better :slight_smile:

It’s certainly possible: Cross by Mixvibes can do this. If only Cross song info could be streamed through Nicecast…grr.

Yep :slight_smile:
I’d like an option to check ( or not ) in prefs,
< enable ‘itunes linked’ song rating >
C’mon Algoriddim :slight_smile:

Hi, something like this?