Re-analysis of tracks

Hi there,
I’ve had a couple of sets built but recently I had to restore my iPad to factory settings. I backed up all the data and got all the required tunes onto the iPad and analysed by djay. Most of the tunes loaded properly I with the previous cue points but a number of them have loaded differently to how they did before. They now have different BPMs and 1 tune in particular seems to change tempo on the down beat. Where it mixed perfectly before it now stays beat-matched for about 10 bars but then drifts off and I don’t understand why. Why might this tune have loaded differently? Could it be different if it was re-analysed? If so, how would I do this?

Hi James,

Is the BPM the same? If the downbeat is the only thing that’s been detected incorrectly, then you can manually change this in the waveform view mode. Tap the pen icon and press “Set Grid” at the correct position.

Once a track has been analyzed, there is no way to re-anaylze it apart from deleting and re-installing the entire app, in which case all track analysis data gets deleted.

The better idea would be to get it right the first (and every) time. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response Warren,

Yes, the BPM is the same and doesn’t change. Its really weird, the beats are in line as normal as per my previous cue points, but where the tracks previously stayed in line, one now drifts off after about 10 bars.

I’ll look into setting the grid, but won’t that change the whole track as opposed to just the downbeat?

Also, why would it be analysing the tune differently now to how it was loaded previously? Perhaps re-analysis might correct it? How do you re-analyse one tune once its already loaded?

Sorry for all the questions, but this has happened on a few tracks and I’m supposed to be playing a debut set at the weekend :-o

Well I haven’t managed to get the tracks re-analyzed (I tried deleting them off the ipad, but when adding again, Djay didn’t need to analyse them again) but I have found a workaround. I basically just found a different download of the same tracks on itunes. When analyzed by Djay they loaded as they did before the problems and I have therefore replaced them with the errored tracks in my set.

If anyone else is having similar problem I suggest doing the same until Algoriddim can come up with a different solution.

Warren - please let me know if there is a way you can re-analyse tracks. Or could those files just have become corrupt in some way?

Well there’s an idea for improvement in a future update perhaps?