Recently Added Playlist

I believe it has been suggested in the past, but would really like to see implemented a Recently Added Playlist as it is in iTunes…

It helps to see what new music you have added during the week or so when playing your next gig…


Make a custom ‘Added Recently’ playlist, edit with appropriate sorting and filters, it will appear in djay.
I use this all the time.


Thanks I’ll try that

Hello @maurizio_T ,

Great to see you posting about this here in the Community!

I made sure your feedback regarding having a Recently Added Playlist similarly to the way it is in iTunes reaches the Dev Team, who will look into it for further consideration.

Furthermore, as a workaround, next to what @William_Watts nicely suggested, you could also try creating a new Smart Playlist in My Collection with a filter like the following:


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Thanks Cam…
That’s another way I will try as well

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