record from mic option, and paste into table button

Like baby scratch app can. It’d be great to remix a break beat and then scratch/cue my friends voice or what ever. I know I could record with another app and then paste it in but it would be nice if it was right there as a feature in the record mix area. Then you could click hold and copy paste that sound file back in to a table, like you can with mixes. By the way, I think a clearly labeled (paste into table 1) button would be better for both but that’s less important.

btw:The cue should override the table back spin, for better cue/scratch functionality but that’s another thread. If they fix that and add this mic record feature, it’s going to be awesome to accurately cue/scratch vocal hooks or any sounds I can mic record.

Hi JeremiahKeller

I was thinking the same thing. I see you posted this a year ago, but no reponse.

Did you ever get your answer on this?