Record session help

The duration of the recording is only 1 hour?
Is there any way to expand it? (djay pro windows)
The quality of the sound depends on the DJ console, the program… or what?

I am pretty certain I have recorded for over 2 hrs

I have only recorded once, it took about 1 hour 30 or so and when I stopped it at minute 58 I started putting together the last songs and crowding them together without sense.

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What are you using?
iPad, Mac or Windows?

windows. I use windows

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@maurizio_T hablas español?

No, hablo Italiano e inglese

Hi @pescu, I’ve shared this with the engineering team and they were unable to reproduce this issue on their hardware.

  1. On Windows, recordings are lossless .wav files, so quality is always set to optimal.
  2. For the recording to go smoothly you need to make sure your computer has enough free disk space to hold the recording (10 MB per minute). So for a 2 hour mix you need about 1.2GB of free space.
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