record set with ddj-200 djay app, tidal

Hi, how can i record my dj set with my ddj-200, djay app, connected with tidal.
i bought audiobus to direct it to garageband. it dont work. i also used audacity and USB Cable to macbook + VB Cable. it dont work.

Does anyone has an idea how to record?
thanks in advance.

Hi @ADFGS here’s an article with some suggestions: How To Record Your DJ Sets (Even When Using Streaming Services)

unfortunately id dont work

I use iPhone, I phone camera kit and Beringher UCA222 audio interface. Works so well. You can then use either GarageBand or Pioneer DJM-REC

Thst sounds good. Can you give me a few more details. I phone what kind of
camera kid? How will I proceed then?


Jason George via Algoriddim Community Forums
schrieb am Sa., 2. Dez. 2023, 20:11:

There you go. This is UK Apple site. Only buy official Apple one as any others won’t work.

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