Recorded 10 minutes of a 1.5 hour set

I just tried to record a super cool set that I played, and it turns out it only recorded about 10 minutes of it, although the red light was on the whole time. Is this a bug?

Hi Casey,

Thanks for contacting us.

* Which recording quality are you using in djay? (Open djay > Preferences > Advanced)
* How much free disk space is left on your Mac’s internal HD?

I have a bunch of free space left on my internal HD, probably around 100GB.
The recording quality is currently on “good”

I have this same problem often. Its really frustrating. I’m recording in AAC and 150 GB free…

I haven’t got much hope of a solution, the original post was a year ago. The thing is I can watch it recording in the recording window, but when I stop the recording there’s only a few minutes there…