Recording a set in djay2 is cut short

When recording an hour long set in djay2 for iPad on numark idj pro the last 10-15 minutes disappear on playback. No indication of a problem during recording and recording stopped manually when completed but on a couple of consecutive occasions when the recording is played back or transferred to a pc the last 10-15 minutes disappear.

I’m using an iPad 3 with iOS 6 (haven’t plucked up the courage to install 7 yet!)

Anyone else had this problem or any advice fretfully received

Hi Gaz,

Please try freeing up more space ( > 2GB) and see if this helps.

I have 1.4GB of free memory by the way so I don’t think it’s a space issue

I am using iDJ Pro and just experienced the same problem with only 27 minutes out of a 1:20:00 set. I have plenty of memory available, however, I do still have quite a few recordings still showing in the window. I will delete them now that I have discovered how to quickly transfer them into iTunes.