Recording and DJing on iPad with controller

I’ve been using a really old MacBook Pro to DJ on and I’m trying to decide on upgrading to another MacBook Pro or an iPad Pro. The one thing I can’t figure out how to do on an iPad is record my sets. Right now I’m using an RCA to headphone jack back into my MacBook and using audio in and QuickTime to record. The new MacBook doesn’t have a headphone jack so I know I’m going to use an adapter, can I use that same adapter with an iPad to achieve what I’m been doing on my old MacBook? Thanks in advance.

you could use a USB audio card with line input like the Behringer UCA222. It works both on the iPad or with the Mac.

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Just to make sure: As long as we’re talking about MacBooks, all of them currently still have an audio jack. Check out the corresponding Tech Specs pages (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13", MacBook Pro 14"/16") → under “Audio” they mention “3.5 mm headphone jack” and you can see the connector in the side images.

iPads Air and Pro do not have headphone jacks anymore. For those, you can use USB-C to 3.5mm adapters, though, which are around $9.

To record from an iPad, firstly you’ll need something like this, along with something like this.
The USB-C hub also has the added benefit of allowing you to connect an additional hard drive or other peripheral (controller) at the same time.
The Behringer will take the controller audio out and with a midi to usb c cable feed it back to the MB for recording.
Unfortunately there’s not a way of feeding the audio back into the iPad to record there, so it would be a two machine set up.
Ipad for playing through the controller and MB for recording the audio output.
Plenty of other similar gadgets to the ones above on Amazon / Bay etc but they are the two I use, not saying they’re the best (before someone gets arsey about my choice of mixer…lol), but they work very well.
The iPad solution needs more adapters, connectors, bits and bobs to work, whereas the MB / MBP don’t and if you intend to record live, that’s a lot more kit to carry around with a lot more things that could potentially go ‘mammaries skyward’…
Anyway, that’s my input!


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