Recording From Microphone to Kontrol S2 MK3 From DJay Pro for iOS

I was testing out the audio recording featuring in DJay Pro for iOS on my Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 controller with the “native” mapping available from the subscription. I was using a microphone that I’ve plugged into the back. I wasn’t able to hear anything when I tested the mic, even when I cranked up the gain in the back. Needless to say, when I tried audio recording and then played it back, the music was heard but not my voice.

I’m using an iPad Pro 2018 with USB-C.

Is recording my microphone even possible, in this way? I may just have to use an audio interface, plug the mic there, and route the audio from the controller to it, but I wanted to save a step or three.



Thank you for getting in touch.

From where are you giving out the Master? Please note that most controllers are simply routing the Mic through the Master, that means we are not able to retrieve them and record them.

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