Recording in djay Pro.

I’m not sure how to record audio in dJay Pro. I’ve tried using the File dialog and it doesn’t work in a way that shows me where the audio is. I think this is a feature that dJay Pro should have (choosing files and having consistent recording features).

Hi Logan,

You can record by selecting the red Recording button and clicking “Start New Recording”.
Please note that this feature is disabled once Spotify is being used. 

Your Recordings are listed by the pop-up appearing when clicking on the red Recording button. When right-clicking on a Recording, you can locate the file in your Finder.

And then where does one find the resulting audio files?

Hey Mark,

we never supported the usage of DVS, can you specify the setup you were working with in more detail?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Adrian,

Is there any likelihood it will be added for Spotify?

I didn’t realise I couldn’t record when using Spotify - which is a bit bothersome as I’m not gonna carry my library on my iPad :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. I used to be able to record from vinyl onto laptop with DJAY but something has changed…

I just spent £19.99 downloading dj pro thinking I could record using Spotify tracks when I already had dj app already on my iPad. Any chance of a refund?