recording mix

Hi, just started using itunes/ipad… how do i move a recorded mix from my playlist to my pc?

i have tried to follow instructions as laid out on djay website. Not the best with computers!

Thanks Rastey

What i’ve done is copy paste my recorded mix from playlist to desktop but can’t play in windows media player-tried exporting mix from audacity as mp3 still doesn’t work. Must be missing something, probably something really easy.


The recordings are in AIFC file format. You should definitely be able to play and even convert them with iTunes.

Note: you might have to rename the recording and include the file extension (.aif), e.g. djay_mix.aif.

Hello, I just downloaded the app on my iPad mini, it auto mixed my playlist from iTunes but now can I move the mixed playlist from djay to iTunes? or can I only play it from djay. Thank u