Recording not working on Chromebook


My son has DJAY on his chromebook, he mixes using SoundCloud Go+.

He can’t use the recording feature in the app it states recording feature will not operate when using a streaming service?

Bit confused as the main benefit of the app is being able to link to a streaming site? Seems a bit crap also having paid for the pro app and not being able to use this recording feature.

Can’t see anywhere where it even advises this either.

Is there something we are not doing correctly or a work around?

There’s no workaround and the app is working normal…
The streaming companies do not allow for recording whilst using the app for copyright purposes…
This has been like that since back when Djay was supported by Spotify.

It will however allow you to record whilst using your own music
Just to be clear this issue is out of Djay’s hands


Recording a mix will not work when you use tracks from streaming services due to licensing agreements.


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