Recording Remixes Entirely in djay

Is anybody remixing tracks using only djay? I recently got inspired to use djay’s Looper Packs (plus a bunch of the usual effects and filters) to add beats and other looped sounds to existing songs by layering in multiple recorded passes.

I’d run a track from start to finish in record mode while turning off and on loops in time to verses, choruses, and breaks, etc. Then take that recording and run it again using another set of loops added or subtracted in one pass. Then do it again. This became a multilayer cumulation until I felt it didn’t need anymore remixing.

It was actually super fun and easy plus the limitation of having to add loops as a track-long performance while recording (no editing later) was a great exercise in pulling me out of my perfection head and just get on with laying down music.

The tracks I used were exclusively vintage halloween rock n soul songs of yesteryear. These were good seeds because they’re sonically minimal without much density or dynamic frequency. This made it easier to add loud/heavy beats and sounds without it becoming overwhelming. The result is a bunch of quaint old timey tracks became something close to club bangers and a lot more fun.

Check out the first 11 short tracks (after the first intro track) I remixed at Mixcloud: Castin’ My Spells - CliffyPop Halloween Remix (and more)

These remixes were done exclusively on iOS djay on a 2018 iPad Gen 6 with a Pioneer DDJ-WeGo4. I use this portable rig for outdoor roller skating events and it’s satisfying to know that such a humble rig can do so much when using a truly versatile tool like djay!