Recording Voice breaks - how to avoid Stereo > Mono

I record a radio show but have always overdubbed my voice breaks and I’m looking for a tidier workaround. Using Algorddim, my voice records in stereo and renders in mono, so you end up with the voice panned hard left or right. Does anyone know a work around for this? I am using a condenser mic with a standard Fast Track Pro for the voice input.

Any progress on this? I was hoping it would be fixed in djay Pro, but it doesn’t look like this is the case. Seems like any interface you use has the same problem.

This has got to be a simple fix- in the section where you choose an input for a mic, make it switchable between mono and stereo, or even make it default to mono only. I can’t imagine a scenario where any DJ would be using a stereo mic setup.

This problem effectively makes the mic input feature useless, only outputting the mic to the left channel is goofiness.

I have tested this with both the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and 6i6.

Hi Jo,

Thanks for contacting us.

Do I understand you correctly that you only get a mono sound from your mic in djay?

But not while you’re recording? What is your Devices setup in djay?

Also, please click on the mic icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
When you speak into your mic, do you see both level meters go up?

Can you connect your mic directly to the Mac?

OK thanks.

Please do the following:

  • open the “Audio MIDI Setup” app
  • select “Show Audio Window” from the “Window” menu
  • click on your Fast track sound card and go to Inputs
  • take a screenshot

Is the mic input of your Fast Track Pro mono?

I’ll forward this to our developers. Thanks for your help.

  • when I listen back, yes it’s mono.

sorry it’s been a while since I checked that! Yes it only one level meter reacts the other is blank.

appreciate your quick replies. look forward to the response.


Hi, thanks again.

No, it’s a Rode NT-1 condenser, it doesn’t have a USB input. It runs through an M-Audio Fast Track Pro and it doesn’t matter whether I choose to record in mono or stereo on the Fast Track Pro itself, I have the same result.

My devices are set up in djay like this:
Main Output: M-Audio Fast Track Pro (I run studio monitors)
Pre-cueing: Built-in Output (I use headphones directly via my macbook)
Microphone (checked): M-Audio Fast Track Pro



Yeah, I guess it would be.

I’ve looked into this further and the only thing I can suggest is that djay have a stereo/mono option associated with the mic input. Will this ever happen?